Ways to go Undetected Online

As the internet is evolving and smartphones have been helping us to accomplish more and more communications made by us every day. There is an increasing focus on privacy for digital and online activities. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure online and not feel like they are under any kind of surveillance in some Read more about Ways to go Undetected Online[…]

How to Troubleshoot HTTP Error 304 Not Modified Error?

HTTP Error Code simply means redirection. Whenever you get HTTP Error 304 not modified in the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or any other web browser, and there might be the possibility of multiple reasons behind it. Moreover, the DNS has an issue, or the cache is reusing the existing information only to find any Read more about How to Troubleshoot HTTP Error 304 Not Modified Error?[…]

Steps to Change Snapchat Username

Snapchat is an amazing and entertaining social media platform to share media files online with friends and your loved ones. A thing which is trending on Snapchat is to put username which sounds super cool just like their pictures and videos. Unfortunately, Snapchat does not provide a direct button or a link to change the Read more about Steps to Change Snapchat Username[…]

How to Delete all Gmail Messages

Tired of getting too many messages from random people? Is your inbox full of so many messages that you can’t even load the previous month’s page? Here is the remedy, delete them all and empty your Gmail. It doesn’t take long for your inbox to fill up quickly with vast amounts of emails, Gmail has Read more about How to Delete all Gmail Messages[…]

Four Privacy Settings You Should Tweak in Windows 10

A couple of years after Microsoft rolled out Windows 10, it came up with an update to revamp privacy settings. If you are using the latest Windows version, then you might be a bit concerned about your data privacy. You can change the Windows 10 privacy settings to protect your personal data and information. Here Read more about Four Privacy Settings You Should Tweak in Windows 10[…]

Advantages of Installing Antivirus

Computer technology is spreading its roots in the global world system, therefore security needs to spreads its wings too. Securing the system with a good antivirus software is a must. Security is an indispensable part of handling your PC. If one is concerned about the privacy of its data, antivirus is not to be neglected. Read more about Advantages of Installing Antivirus[…]

How to Share Custom Alexa Skills with Others?

Alexa has been a revolutionary technology of Amazon, and it has improved the way we used to perform different tasks before some years. The developers have previously tried to improve the experience to an entirely new level, and they have been able to comprise a special feature, Skills for its users. By using this feature, Read more about How to Share Custom Alexa Skills with Others?[…]

Siri is not working in iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X

Do you have an iPhone 6 or its successor versions? If yes, then you may be facing an issue with your virtual assistant, Siri. Some of the iPhone owners reported that Siri is not functioning after the iOS 10 and iOS 11 updates. Siri is one of the fantastic features that the iPhone has ever Read more about Siri is not working in iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X[…]

How to Import Videos into your iTunes

iTunes is an efficient media player cum library, mobile device management app, and internet radio broadcaster developed by Apple. It helps users to keep their music and movies organized and even facilitate the purchase of original multimedia. However, it can be quite a pain to add video files into your iTunes library. No matter what Read more about How to Import Videos into your iTunes[…]

How to Reduce Background Sound via Audacity Tool?

Have you experienced a continual and consistent hiss or whistling sound in the background while trying to do a simple voice narration? Then you do not need to worry about the issue. We are suggesting simple ways to resolve this issue. Please give a chance to Audacity software to reduce or remove background noise. For Read more about How to Reduce Background Sound via Audacity Tool?[…]