How to Import Videos into your iTunes

iTunes is an efficient media player cum library, mobile device management app, and internet radio broadcaster developed by Apple. It helps users to keep their music and movies organized and even facilitate the purchase of original multimedia. However, it can be quite a pain to add video files into your iTunes library. No matter what you try, it may so happen that your video will not show up in your library. The primary reason why such errors crop up is due to the file format being incompatible with your device and app.

If you are wondering how to import videos into your iTunes library, follow the steps given below:

  1. Check the video format
  • iTunes supports a very narrow spectrum of video formats. This includes .mov, .m4v and .mp4. Basically, all files that can be played on QuickTime have an acceptable format for iTunes. However, note that not all .mp4 formats can be played on QuickTime.
  • Typically, .mkv, .wmv, or .avi format and its kind need to undergo conversion to be acceptable.
  • Test your file on QuickTime, and if the video plays, then you can skip to the steps of importing it into your library. If it doesn’t play on QuickTime, you will have to follow the next step.
  1. Convert the file
  • You can use any converting tool that would work on your system. Download the converter and install it on your device. You may even use an online converter but avoid them if you have large files as they may take exceptionally long.
  • Handbrake is one such popular converting tool that is available for free.
  • Select the file from the location and choose the format you wish to convert the video in. Start the conversion and wait until the entire process is complete. This may take longer if your file is large.
  1. Test the file
  • Test your converted file in the QuickTime player.
  • Run through the video once to check for any losses or frame skips. Using a good converter will result in a video that has little to no loss.
  1. Import it into your iTunes library
  • Rename your file so that it does not contain any special characters as they may pose as obstacles when you begin importing it into your iTunes library.
  • Launch the iTunes app. Make sure that the app is up to date.
  • Click on the “File” (for Windows) or “iTunes” (for OS X) menu and click on “Add File to Library.”
  • Browse through your local disk and locate the file. Select it.
  • Your video will get imported into your iTunes without any issue.

That’s it! Your video will get imported into the iTunes library. You can access the video file in the “Home Videos” section of the Movies tab. If you cannot see your file in the Home Videos, the chances are that there was an issue while converting the file. Repeat the steps mentioned above and try again.

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