How to Connect Multi-Room Audio with HomePod Speakers

The HomePod is a smart wireless speaker developed by Apple and runs on iOS ‘audioOS.’ It is similar to Amazon Echo. As a smart speaker, it is a wireless voice command device, which is integrated with a virtual assistant “Siri” that offers interactive handsfree actions. You just need to say ‘Hot’ to activate your HomePod Read more about How to Connect Multi-Room Audio with HomePod Speakers[…]

How to Solve iOS 11 is Working Slowly

The iPhones are known for their performing capacity. Still, when the running phone suddenly starts working slow, it indicates the time to become careful for the device. You must be frustrated and surprised when you noticed that your iPhone is working slowly. It is also possible that you have a lot of questions regarding the Read more about How to Solve iOS 11 is Working Slowly[…]

Ways to go Undetected Online

As the internet is evolving and smartphones have been helping us to accomplish more and more communications made by us every day. There is an increasing focus on privacy for digital and online activities. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure online and not feel like they are under any kind of surveillance in some Read more about Ways to go Undetected Online[…]